Founder of Activate Hypnotherapy, Juanita has developed an Extremely Successful, 5-step system to help overcome all types of Addictive Behaviours, including Smoking/Vaping, Drinking, Gambling, Weight Problems & Drug Abuse.

As a Professional Trauma Specialist, Juanita also treat patients with PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Grief, & Depression with the most advanced & comprehensive hypnotherapeutic techniques available anywhere in the world. Her 5-step system also helps resolve other issues such as Insomnia, Low Self-Esteem, Phobias, Toxic thoughts & more.

As the Author of “Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?”, Juanita has worked with thousands of clients in recent years to overcome Debilitating Unwanted Habits and Addictions. She is passionate about letting people know that there is an easy way and that you can take back Control and gain Freedom!

Juanita is also an Authorized Trainer with AOTH (The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis), helping train students in the most up-to-date Hypnotherapy Methods. Juanita is absolutely passionate about her work! She looks forward to helping you get Healthy & start enjoying Life again.

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