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Beyond Burnout

Everyone experiences different levels of stress, anxiety and depression throughout their lives. Yet some people experience these feelings more frequently or intensely than others, often referred to as “burnout”.

The symptoms can include feeling overwhelmed by your job, feeling like you have no control over your workload, having little enthusiasm for what you do, difficulty concentrating on tasks and thoughts about work becoming intrusive or distressing.

Hear from 3 amazing leaders

Juanita Smith – Clinical Hypnotherapist and the founder of Activate Hypnotherapy, Trainer of Hypnosis,  Author of “Is It A Habit Or An Addiction?”

As a Professional Trauma and Addictions Specialist, Juanita treats clients for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Grief, Low Self-Esteem and much more, using the most advanced and comprehensive hypnotherapeutic techniques available anywhere in the world.

Through working with thousands of clients for Quit Smoking, Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol and many other unwanted habits and addictions, Juanita developed her 5-step system which she now teaches her students at the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Juanita is absolutely passionate about her work!  She looks forward to helping you get Healthy and start enjoying Life again.

Sally McGrath – Burnout Treatment & Prevention Coach and the founder of Health that Heals.

Sally knows how to help you heal from burnout because used the same process to piece her life back together, one step at a time.

Sally’s expertise to treat and prevent burnout, comes from her lifelong passion for preventative health, fitness and well-being and a desire to change the way you view your worth; often by your productivity, and a culture that puts work before personal needs; that frequently leads to burning out.

Sally’s results help her clients time after time, developing sustainable ways to live, with work & life in synergy, in the real world.

Amanda McNeil – Resilience & Empowerment Coach and the founder of You Empowered Coaching

Amanda helps motivated professionals get out of their comfort zone so they can maximise success in their career and life. 

Amanda works with her clients so they have CLARITY of their vision, purpose and goals, CONFIDENCE and strength to break past those barriers and RESILIENT & positive mindset so they are EMPOWERED to overcome any challenge.

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